Someone Should Do It

It is one thing to identify an issue and it is a whole different thing to fix it. The problem solver will always be more valuable than the problem identifier.

How many times have you started a sentence with “someone needs to…” or “someone should…” And how many of those times has it been something that you could do yourself especially after identifying that someone needed to do the said thing.

We all know how easy it is to identify what needs to be done but doing what needs to be done is what takes effort. It could be a little bit of effort or it could be a whole lot but what matters is that it can be done by us.

Two ‘someone’s’ hoping the other someone would do something…

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was in this exact position. On my way to church with my husband, we drove past the highway and noticed a couch right in the middle of the road. Of course, naturally it drew our attention and we wondered how it got there.

I would assume that many other people who drove by had taken note of it as well but were also expecting someone to act on rectifying the problem. How am I certain of this? Because I also expected someone else to fix it.

Shortly after noticing the couch, I pointed out to my husband how dangerous that was especially considering that people were driving speedily down the road and could crash into it before realizing. At this time, it was also about 6:30 pm so the night was around the corner and we highlighted the fact that it would be even more dangerous once it was night time.

Here’s how we ended our conversation: I hope someone calls the city.

Few minutes after we ended our conversation, I had a rethink. I am someone and my husband is someone. So what other someone did we need to call the city when we could very well make the call.

Now you see why I believe many people had driven past that couch and assumed that someone would call? When everyone hopes for someone to do something, no one ends up doing it.

It is one thing to identify an issue and it is a whole different thing to fix it. The problem solver will always be more valuable than the problem identifier.

After my Aha! moment, I called the city and even though I had to wait on the line for a few minutes, I was able to speak with someone and describe what the issue was.

Truly, it was teachable moment for me and it was also very fulfilling that I could do that. I couldn’t imagine how I would have felt if I had left the task to someone and then heard on the news later that the couch resulted in an accident.

I know I am not alone in waiting for someone to do things that we can do. It could be at home, in your marriage, at church, school, work or in your community. I would really love to hear from you.

Heart to Heart: What is one task you can complete today that you have waited for someone to do?

4 thoughts on “Someone Should Do It”

  1. « The problem solver is always more valuable than the problem identifier » such words to live by. I can’t count how many times I have thought someone else should do it while I was the « someone ». Also thank you for doing a public service by calling the city because yeah that was most definitely a danger to the public


    1. Such a true story. I always find myself saying “someone” would eventually do it. I guess we’re not always ready to be bold enough to be that “someone”, cuz sometimes the tasks are hard.


      1. Definitely, we run away from fixing the issue because we think it would be difficult to fix and it would be much easier just waiting for someone else to fix it. We all have to commit to being that someone.


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