Do Not Use If Seal Is Broken.

So, the next time you prioritize a list over love, remember that Christ loved you without requirements. Remember too, that people are not products and many of us are imperfect with broken seals.

Within the last three weeks, I have committed to walking an hour every morning and yet today is the third time I have taken that walk for a plethora of reasons.

I had caught just two hours of sleep before my 6:15am alarm went off and I was displeased to say the least. I rolled over and dismissed the alarm to catch a bit more snooze and it seemed like I had just rolled over and it was now 7:02am.

I tiredly opened my eyes, tapped my husband to remind him we had to walk and then I went out to see what the weather was like. I can’t say a little part of me was not excited when I saw that it was drizzling as it would make for a good reason not to walk today. But I had to remind myself that I committed to the walk this week and so off we went.

An hour thirty minutes later, I am home now from the walk, waiting on my breakfast to be ready and the rain outside has put me into a thinking mood. What am I thinking of today?

Grace! Amazing Grace!

We are not strangers to the line that accompanies most sealed products; “Do not use if seal is broken”. Why? because someone could have tampered with it or perhaps it was never sealed properly and it has now been contaminated.

Surely, I am not saying to extend grace to those products but as humans, we tend to apply the same mindset to our relationships with people.

Thinking about it though, which one of us isn’t broken? Broken by pain, hurt, shame, betrayal, feelings of unworthiness, low self esteem and so much more? In fact, it almost seems like the same things that broke us are the same reasons we put up walls and refuse to associate with people bearing the same brokenness.

I don’t expect anyone to take on the burden of everyone’s pain but we can extend grace.

As a single lady, I remember writing a list for what I wanted in my husband and I know many of us have lists for various things. Sometimes, it is a list for what we want in a friend, a house, an employee or a church and we are so committed to the list that grace becomes foreign.

No one could ever extend grace as Christ does. We could not even fathom God’s grace. Dying for people who didn’t even check one box on his list? Dying for people who spat on and abused him?

We put up walls because someone told us that someone hurt them in the bid to ‘protect our peace’ or ‘protect our space’. But what we are really doing is making ourselves judge, jury and executioner. I am worthy and you are not.

Actually, the world encourages us to be ‘wise’ and avoid broken people. We chant things like ‘hurt people hurt people’ that justify the behaviour. Many times, people are broken through no fault of their own and the least we can do is point them to Christ who heals rather than avoid them.

Imagine if Christ only mingled with us when we were whole enough and good enough for his love. The same people who ask you to avoid broken people would have been the same people criticizing Jesus for dining in Zacchaeus’ house

God has loved us so perfectly even in our deepest brokenness. You know what? He tells us in Psalms 51:17 that he will not despise a broken and a contrite heart.

Even more exciting, he encourages us to bring our burdens and cast them on him in exchange for rest in Matthew 11:28.

We could never extend the same grace that Christ gives but we can emulate him as he encourages us to.

So, the next time you prioritize a list over love, remember that Christ loved you without requirements. Remember too, that people are not products and many of us are imperfect with broken seals.

It is okay to have lists but they should be motivated by love (for Christ and people) and not pride.

Heart to Heart: I’ll love to hear your thoughts. Have you been critical of brokenness?

9 thoughts on “Do Not Use If Seal Is Broken.”

  1. Very good posting. I love walking. Since the pandemic I have been walking more. Last week I walked 3 miles everyday.

    Without God’s grace we will all be lost. We should never take His grace for granted. Again enjoyed your post. Have a bless day.


    1. Hi Desirayl,

      Thanks for your comment. Walking is really so therapeutic, especially now that we are locked indoors all day. God’s grace really is everything. I am glad you enjoyed it. God bless you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. While reading this well thought message, the only thing that kept pondering my mind was Christ at the centre of it all. God’s love is eternal. The more we begin understand that, the better it is for us. His grace is eternal and so is His love for us all.

    Love equally


  3. Wow, thank you for sharing this!

    One statement I hear now and then is this: “don’t marry someone that comes from a broken home” and that hits me because I am one of those people from a broken home. That doesn’t mean I’m broken, if anything, that made me more dependent on God for strength.

    One of the things I love so much about God is that He is compassionate and close to the broken and as His children, we need to follow suit. That can only be done through love.
    Love heals, love forgives, love makes room for mistakes, love is compassionate, love goes all out. And Christ is our perfect example of love!

    One thing the Holy Spirit has been teaching me of late is “loving others regardless” and that’s a mandate to us all in Mark 12:31, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.
    There’ll be less broken people if there’s more love in the world. We are the light, it starts with us!


    1. Thanks Eniola. I have definitely heard about the stigma for people from ‘broken’ homes. Interestingly, these people are from ‘broken’ homes through no fault of their own. If anything, we should show them more love and acceptance as I’m sure Christ would.

      I am glad you learnt to depend on God because at the end of the day, he is the one that mends. And you are absolutely right that there would be less broken people if there was more love in the world.


  4. The LIST, oh wow! While it’s true that “hurt people [do] hurt people”, We, as society, have made abused all these saying. “Cut off toxic people” and such while I do agree that some people NEED to be “cut off” if we had to do for every “toxic” (which is another overly used word: don’t get me started on that) interaction we have had we will talk to NO ONE. Now it’s our job to see if those are all character traits or people’s mishaps. So yes, it might be good to have THE LIST but let’s not let that “list” deters us from relationships, friendships or partnerships that could have better our lives


  5. Very inspiring post! The love that is often sacrificial. It is indeed a love regardless of….
    it takes maturity, understanding and growth to be able to show others that type of love. Sometimes seeing from other perspective also helps.
    Argh God help us!


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