Who am I? Get to Know Me!

Hello Guys,

Welcome to my blog. I am glad you are here and I hope you have a great time 😉

My name is Esther Stanley and I have always had a flair for writing, speaking and just having conversations. While i have always fancied writing, its safe to say that my commitment to procrastination superseded my commitment to put pen to paper. Its been years of pushed deadlines and convincing excuses but I am finally making my drawn-out dream a reality. So what do we say to the gods of procrastination?? Not today!!

Quite honestly, one of my ‘reasons’ for putting it off as long as possible was my fear of reception. Filling up my phone with notes has been my personal attempt at consolation for not putting on my big girl pants and accepting criticism no matter how harsh it may be.

Well, enough about my procrastination and let’s talk about why you are here and why you should return.

This blog is going to be reflection of my passions and the things that excite me. I hope you can feel my passion burn through every post and get excited to engage with me as much as I am looking to engage with you.

To me, writing is an art and like any work of art, both the creator and observer are likely to have different interpretations; often influenced by their point of view or their identities.

Growing up, my life identity comes from my faith as a Christian and experiencing life as a Black Woman. I don’t only expect that your opinions might differ from mine but I am excited to read all the varying opinions and interact with your heart as you interact with mine.

Every time you visit, you can expect to read something I have learnt in my journey as a Christian, or maybe a new recipe I think your taste buds will love or perhaps something about building stronger relationships and friendships. Yes, this blog will focus on Faith, Food and Fun not just because these are the things that help me maintain my joy in the midst of life’s trials but also because I believe we can all relate to these three things.

I am so excited for this chapter and I would love for you to be excited too. Please leave a comment to let me know you are here and excited as well. xo

With love,

Esther Stanley


12 thoughts on “Who am I? Get to Know Me!”

  1. Congrats on your blog baby girl!
    If outside should open like this, I am running wild and free and while I agree that remote work will become a thing , I am not joining that train. Working from home just sucks!


    1. Lmaoo thanks love. Running wild and free? I am waiting to see that 😂

      I feel like I would love working from home but then I don’t know since I haven’t really experienced it. We’ll see


  2. You always speak with such poise and confidence cannot wait to hear what journey taught you and made you into the sassy, fierce and gorgeous woman you are maybe it can inspire us to change our lives or our view and just be better. Can’t wait 👍


  3. The procrastination thing lmao.. So apt! It’s still doing me oo😂. I should go and start my own blog as soon as possible. I didn’t know you liked writing before you mentioned you wanted to start a blog but this is really good! Will definitely be coming back🙌🏼❤.


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