When Outside Opens…

Closed park in North Vancouver. Source: Shutterstock.

Over the past two months, every one has said some variation of this phrase as countries across the world continue to battle the novel Corona Virus, Covid-19. What started as an isolated occurrence in ‘far away’ China soon became a neighboring threat that has affected our lives in our various countries.

It was no longer business as usual as people began to get infected, die, and worst of all die in isolation since they could not afford to infect those dear to them. Schools shut down, churches went online, millions across the world lost their jobs and for those who still had their jobs, remote work became the norm where possible.

Yet, there were those people who not only remained working but had to work above and beyond to ensure that the rest of us were safe, healthy, and able to access our essential needs. Shout out to the Doctors, Nurses, Grocery Store Workers, Delivery Men, and Women, etc

Funnily enough, when the list of essential services was released in my location, I was quite surprised. It taught me that everyone has a role to play for society to properly function. Some services I would have expected to shut down were deemed essential much to my surprise and it made sense when I thought about it. The other thing I learned was that a lot of the work we go to perform at a physical office space could be completed remotely, LOL!

But back to the gist for today; when outside opens…

What is going to happen when it does? The lockdown in most places has disrupted so many lives. Rescheduled exams, virtual graduations, baby and bridal showers, canceled weddings, closed schools, massive layoffs, etc and many are saying that life as we know it has been changed forever. Do you agree? Here’s what I think will happen.

1. There will be a new appreciation for ‘outside’ You see, I have always been a couch potato and I am the friend who dreads the ‘going out’ plans I made when the date approaches. Lol, I literally begin to wish the day could hold off on arriving or I hope that one of my friends cancels before me, and then just for effect, I grumble to make them believe I was really looking forward to our lunch date or whatever plan it was. I guess the secret is out of the bag now.

But these days, I find myself imagining what this summer could have been. I actually cannot wait to be able to go lay by the beach, see a movie, visit my local park and just move about unrestricted. And I really believe, this period has been an eye-opener for many others.

2. There will be more jobs on the market.

When Covid-19 initially hit and the lockdown ensued, many people lost their jobs and many companies stopped advertising new openings. I even know of a friend who had received a job offer but was then informed that the start date had been postponed.

Except for critical positions, it seemed like the safer way for employers was to sustain the current workforce rather than bring on fresh employees.

However, in the past week or two, job postings have started to increase and I believe there will be more opportunities posted as the lockdown ends.

This is not to say that you should wait for the lockdown to end before you start applying to new jobs. If you are looking to make a career switch or just to move jobs, the time to start applying is now and you never know what might happen.

3. Remote work will become more acceptable.

You know how they say that some work meetings could have been an email? Some office work could have been done remotely.

Throughout the lockdown, I am the only person in my entire friendship and family circle who has had to go to the physical work location. Yet, every one of these people I know has completed their work to the same standards as when they worked in the office.

Actually, many of them put in extra hours at home because you do not need to leave the office space to go home. Work is home and home is work.

I believe traditionally, we have come to associate dressing up and leaving home in the morning and going to work with productivity. When in reality, we do not all need to gather in a brick and mortar location to carry out productive work.

Clearly, companies like zoom were ahead of the curve and this lockdown probably worked best in their favor. I think, because the facade of office work has already been exposed due to Covid-19, it might be easier for companies to accommodate requests to work remotely when necessary.

4. Church attendance might dwindle

Prior to Covid-19, a lot of people, particularly the younger generation were already arguing on the importance of attending a physical church location. We have all been taught that we, the people are the church and not just a building. But does that mean that we do not need to gather in a physical location with other believers who equally make up the church?

A lot of people believe that online service is the same as attending church and after having worshiped online for the past two months, they might need some time to get back to gathering in one place. Even then, they might feel justified in worshiping online. After all, God still accepted our praises online throughout Covid-19.

Certainly, the first Sunday we are allowed to go back to church will be litttttt because I know that the praise and worship will be off the chain!! But after that, what next?

Can we sustain that excitement? Will we continue to appreciate the opportunity to gather and fellowship with other saints?

5. Weekday weddings will become more popular.

With almost the entire wedding season closed this year, many couples (including myself), have had to reschedule, postpone or cancel their nuptials. And for those who did not cancel or have a virtual wedding like some did, they will have to find a new date.

Unfortunately, most vendors are booked months and sometimes years ahead making it difficult to book a new date with such short notice. If you are lucky enough to be able to book a new date with one vendor, what are the odds that all the other vendors will be able to accommodate that date as well?

So, some couples are booking off-season weddings or just going ahead with weekday weddings to be able to book a date close enough to the original date.

Whatever ceremony happens though, the most important thing is getting married to the one you love.

I would like to hear your thoughts. What do you think is going to happen when outside opens? When we can all get back to doing what we love and enjoy.

Is there something, in particular, you are excited about? Let me know in the comment section.

I hope you all are safe and well. Have a great week ahead and Happy Mother’s Day.


6 thoughts on “When Outside Opens…”

  1. First off, congratulations!!! 😊 on starting your blog. I for one understand the depth of procrastination but nothing beats knocking off goals from your list!! So yeah CONGRATS!

    Regarding what happens “When outside opens”, I think we will initially struggle to return to “normal” and might have to for the most part, reinvent the idea of « normal ». A lot of jobs will become obsolete since remote working has championed this time like you mentioned. Now is the time for people to become more innovative in their skill acquisition, especially for none “essential “ workers like myself.

    Truth is humans have gone through a time like this and survived the shift that came with it. We will continue to thrive God willing.

    I look forward to more of your posts!


    1. Thank you Nengi. You are so right about some jobs becoming obsolete. It will really not be business as usual and I hope a lot of us take the time to develop and nurture new skills that could help strengthen our worth in the marketplace.

      And lol yes, procrastination is the actual worst 😂😂 but I’m here now and there’ll definitely be a lot more content so I hope you keep coming back.


  2. When outside opens,I am intentionally making plans to be outside(taking walks, hiking, having pic nics and going to the beach). I just hope that it “opens” this summer so we can get some sun time😃.
    I would also like to work remotely a couple days in the week to get more done and not get as distracted as I would be if I was in the office…


    1. Haha that makes sense. I never knew how much going out was important but It is. Let’s keep hope alive for this summer.

      And hopefully employers will still be open to remote work.


  3. Congrats on starting your blog 😊 , it’s never an easy journey and I hope you keep procrastination away for good .
    ” When outside opens ” , I’ll take swimming and driving lessons , get my masters degree and ofcourse attend a culinary school.
    I’ll be looking forward to more of your content especially the recipes 🤭.


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